AVI, your flexible packaging specialist


AVI produces and supplies semi-finished products such as plastic film for wrapping and packaging machines and end packaging. Every product is a custom made answer to a specific packaging demand, meaning we are there thinking along with you every step of the way from the very first contact.


Is your requirement coloured film or a solution that is as transparent as possible? Do the needs of the internal and external sides of the packaging differ? Is it important to you that your packaging is anti-static? Does it need to be UV proof? Will the bag or film support printed text and graphics? We can set out the full range of possibilities and quickly outline the variables to help you identify the ideal product to meet your packaging requirements.


Our fifty years of experience and expertise can also benefit clients who aim to improve their own packaging activities. We can analyse your packaging line, determine the source of any disturbances or issues, and will present you with a solution or improved alternatives. The result will be a continuous recalibrated flow of your packaging activities, saving time and reducing costs and stress.

Our personal touch, all-round production facilities, extensive know-how, matchless service and attractive pricing all contribute towards making us your ideal packaging specialist.